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A background in engineering and passion for cars.

Boost On Tap – Was founded by Gunther Kempin, his background in engineering was just one component to the evolution of the company. The second component was his love and passion for cars, this was the catalyst for the creation of the Turbo Spool Valve.

Gunther owned a naturally aspirated V8 Holden but wanted more power. Gunther fitted twin turbos and with that came the inevitable turbo lag.

Gunther Kempin

To develop the valve, we worked tirelessly.

Over a 3-year period and several prototypes later, Gunther created and developed the 47 Series turbo spool valve from his workshop in Melbourne. He worked tirelessly to develop the valve with over 18 prototypes designed and manufactured, in order to produce a valve that not only worked but exceeded all expectations, delivering incredible results. The 60 Series was later developed for larger engines with the same outcome.

The turbo spool valve has changed the drivability and performance of his Holden V8 turbocharged engine.

Gunther fitted the 47 Series to smaller turbo charged vehicles and the results were amazing. Every vehicle tested had turbo lag however once the valve was fitted the vehicle response was unbelievable.

The Turbo spool valve put simply delivers air to the cylinder instantly, the exhaust has an instant change in energy which in turn drives the compressor. There is no delay to the delivered cylinder air. The compressor spins up and delivers boost, the transition between atmospheric pressure to boost is seamless.

The turbo spool valve under went rigorous testing, over 1.1 millions cycles. All units are pressure and leak tested, to ensure every component is durable with longevity.

The Turbo bypass valve

The graph illustrates the manifold air pressure with and without the valves fitted to V8 LS1 twin turbo vehicle.