The goal was to develop a solution to turbo lag.

Giving drivers the exciting response they want.

Boost On Tap Evolved From “Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention”. Our vision is to change the way turbo vehicles perform and drive, giving drivers back the response and excitement, they are looking for.

Our focus was to invent a product to solve the issue of turbo lag, creating instant torque, instant power when you hit the throttle. For performance vehicles or any standard petrol turbo vehicle.

Three years on that is exactly what we have achieved; the Turbo Spool Valve was created.

It is extremely gratifying that the Turbo Spool Valve gives drivers back the security and safety of knowing their vehicle will respond when accelerating- no more power lag.

Anyone that owns a turbo vehicle knows the frustration of turbo lag, you accelerate and wait for the turbo to spool up. Fitting a turbo spool valve resolves the problem. No more lag when overtaking, accelerating with the valve fitted gives your vehicle instant power and torque allowing you to safely overtake with no delay in throttle response.

The valve allows the engine to breathe, introducing as much air as needed pre throttle to the engine- this results in the turbo spooling up seamlessly, giving you instant torque, instant power- more aggressive boost.

We are proudly a family run Australian owned Company, who has designed and manufactured the Turbo Spool Valve. We value authenticity and creativity – pushing the boundaries of what is achievable when you combine love, passion and cars.

We are a family run Australian company that designs and manufactures the Turbo Spool Valve.

The Turbo Spool Valve delivers instant torque and power.

Our mission is to design and create a turbo spool valve to resolve the issue of turbo lag – spool delay.

Our Vision is to create, innovate, and change the way turbocharged engines perform. Enhanced “on tap performance”, hit the throttle, feel the boost.